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Activities Dedicated to
Gang Violence Reduction & Youth Development

Provide Underserved Communities With Opportunities To Succeed

We are trying to instill in our youth the appreciation of things earned. Our organization gives children activities to help stimulate their minds and provide a great learning experience. Through Maryland Youth Club, teens in Baltimore, Maryland, are privy to happenings and events they probably don't have access to within their day-to-day environments, such as a free amusement park, baseball games, and other activities. These experiences allow them to envision possibilities for their own lives and help them determine the kinds of things they will want to share with their own children once they reach adulthood.

Fun & Stimulating Youth Activities

Having fun is one of the key building blocks in effective youth development. Watch boys and girls reach their full potential with summer and after-school activities through Maryland Youth Club in Baltimore. Our program ensures that teens experience positive development through a variety of means, including going to King's Dominion Park and hosting such activities as:

  • Watching Movies
  • Playing Sports, Running, & Playing
  • Shopping
  • Singing & Dancing
  • Being Productive & Working Hard
  • Earning Rewards
  • Attending Concerts
  • Experiencing Theme Parks
  • Seeing the Fruits Of Their Labor
  • Enriching Experiences
Hershey Park

Tax-Deductible Donations

With your support, our teens have enjoyed many social programs and summer activities. There are many more to come, such as trips to Action Park, Great Adventures, and Go-Kart Racing. With your continued support, these teens will also win educational prizes. First place will win a laptop, second place wins an iPad™ mini, and third place will win a NOOK®. Thank you for all of your support!

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