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Make a difference in the lives of inner city youth by giving your tax-deductible donations to Maryland Youth Club. See how your support helps us make a change.

The Status Quo

Gangs have been a plague to the greater Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas longer than anyone cares to remember. Too many teenagers come from single-parent homes, homes with public subsidies, neighborhoods rife with crime and drugs, and schools that cannot seem to adequately communicate with them. In some neighborhoods, residents feel like the sun never comes up while life seems dark and foreboding for many young people. Although this depressing environment is more common in the inner cities, it extends to the suburbs as well.

Shedding Light On Societal Issues

Maryland Youth Club is coordinating with a number of law enforcement organizations, youth agencies, and social programs in Baltimore, Maryland, to shed some light on these problems. We are also offering a variety of options for removing all of the decaying, infectious, and social diseases infesting our communities.

Partnering To Provide More

We love to work with other organizations in our local areas to be able to provide our youth with opportunities for summer and after-school activities to which they may not normally have access. This program works for those that are seeking a purpose. Our youth are "hungry" to do something meaningful and productive, and we want to feed that hunger.

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Help us reach out and give back to our communities with your tax-deductible donations. Your financial support allows us to host a food drive twice a year and a number of other activities throughout the year. We try to do as much as we can, but we can't do it alone. Thank you for your support.

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